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When you look at a web site, you use the same tools (your monitor, computer, modem, etc.) to view them. There is a tendency to get into an Apples and Oranges mode. Realistic expections are helpful. It doesn't serve you to compare your goals with a "Rolls Royce-quality" site, if you have a "Chevrolet budget."

It is important to understand that while all sites show a single screen to welcome you, some sites have 500 screens of information, some have 10. Some have heavy design time and intensive graphics, others don't. On some, EBS is responsible for developing the graphics, as well as the look and feel.

Often, especially with established companies, we help adapt existing print graphics to a web-based context. Parameters for print-based graphics are very different from web graphics. We make our best effort to work with our clients' print graphics professional to transition their work to the web, preserving the overall marketing continuity.

The categories and sites below are representative of a range of work. The portfolio continues to evolve. Click on the link of your choice to visit a category and view some of the sample work.


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