Hiring EBS Virtual for your project

Evaluating a siteEvaluating an existing site

You may have designed your site, employed a worthy college student or hired another webmaster to get you started. For whatever reason, you think it's time to improve your presence. We are happy to work with you on a thorough evaluation.... a second opinion.

EBS is happy to work with you on the evaluation whether or not you plan to change webmasters. In many cases, a fresh set of eyes may provide information helpful to your existing web developer.

This service has been initiated as an outgrowth of the seminar work EBS provides. Many people approach us with the same question: "Would you take a look at my web site?".

Contact us: We would be happy to.

Renovating an existing siteRenovate an existing site

After evaluating an existing site, if requested, we develop an overall marketing and renovation plan. There are generally a couple of stages of research and discussion before approval and the actual development begins.

New SitesNew Sites

EBS can take you from Domain Name selection and registration to the final web site. You are asked to fill out a questionnaire to help us better understand your goals and internet knowledge. Much as with site renovations, we do the research and make recommendations. After further discussion and adjustments, we begin the job.

BudgetsBudgets or "So, how much does a web site cost?"

Question: "How much does a car cost?"

Answer: "That depends.... Do you want a used Pinto or a Rolls Royce?"

Actually, the answer is not intended to be a smart aleck response, but to point out the impossibility of 'ballparking prices.'

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