Skills: Not just cute web sites

How EBS works

EBS is, indeed, a virtual company. Outlined below is an extensive list of services that EBS provides. The nature of internet marketing is that different clients need various solutions.

When an important component is outside the EBS scope of services, we outsource the particular task to an expert in that area.... complex animations or CGI scripting for example. It keeps us focused in marketing, project management, assembly and the nuts and bolts of web site development while still providing a complete service for our clients.

What EBS does most often

  • Analyze your existing site (if you have one)
  • Research
  • Develop an Internet Marketing Strategy (from scratch or supplementing your plan)
  • Design the 'Look and Feel' of your site
  • Transition existing artwork from print to the internet
  • Design and implementation of original graphics
  • Assist in overall content structure
  • Suggest appropriate interactive features
  • Build custom buttons and navigation bars
  • Spell check
  • Check for broken links (internal and external)
  • Cross platform checking (MAC, Windows, etc.)
  • Cross browser checking (AOL, Explorer, Netscape, etc)
  • Check on various monitor and screen resolution sizing
  • Assist in keyword development
  • Search Engine submissions (initial and ongoing)
  • Recommend hosting and dial-up services

Other things EBS does

  • Trade Show kiosk loops on PowerPoint or PowerShow
  • Content critiquing
  • Edit and embed music (background and samples)
  • Embed animations (flash or other formats)

EBS collaborate with outside specialists on

  • Extensive animations
  • Video content or editing
  • Specialized java scripting
  • Third party e-commerce solutions
  • Site traffic and tracking services

Software: These are just the 'frequently used programs'. Time is invested in seminars on the major software components to better utilize the features and keep current. (All on Macintosh. We keep our system versions and software packages up to date)

  • Adobe GoLive CS
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe ImageReady
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Entourage
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Netscape Communicator
  • Internet Explorer
  • America Online
  • Virtual PC
  • MacLink Plus
  • Fetch
  • Time Slice
  • SnapzPro
  • Tech Tools
  • Simple Text

EBS Virtual Communications
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Phone: 702-510-4938 | Fax: 760-280-9699

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