Tactics & Strategy: Marketing Integration

  • Today, every business needs to have an internet presence. Just as having a fax machine or e-mail address became a standard in business and industry, having at least a basic web site for people to find out about your business is today's minimum standard.

  • You can't jump the learning curve. The marketing value of an internet site is a slippery slope in a rapidly changing technological world. However, waiting to be involved, later, only secures your position in that great American game, 'playing catch up'.

  • What should your web site accomplish? Is it simply a brochure in cyberspace? Is it designed to stimulate phone calls? Will it answer customer service questions to cut down on phone calls? Do you want people to e-mail your company for brochures or additional information? Or do you want to sell over the Internet? Any of these are worthy goals, but you need to decide what your goals will and should be.

  • A web site is never done! Newcomers to the Internet are often intimidated by the daunting size of the project they are thinking of undertaking. Don't be! A site on the world wide web is an evolutionary thing. Plan it and execute it in stages.

  • Most web sites are not promoted enough. A web site is like a toll free phone number. If people don't know the number/address, they are unlikely to find you. Step one is to register a domain name that is easy to remember (i.e. yourcompanyname.com). People will always try that first before looking you up through a search engine. Your domain name should be on every piece of collateral and advertising material (just like a toll-free number) to promote your presence. Develop an e-mail list and reasons to communicate with those people and invite them back to your site. Search engines are basic, but are never the entire answer.

  • Many sites are over designed. People visit internet sites to research, pre-screen, make decisions, make purchases, etc.. Often, the best approach is to make your site content driven and quick loading. Too many bells and whistles only distract from this quest, slowing down the process. Further, inclusion of too many of the latest Internet 'gadgets' often leaves out surfers who don't have the latest 'gadget' in their browser.

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