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Inspired by Seth Godin's Blog Entry
Where are the tweakers?

"Tweakers make things better. They take a car or a book or a project and improve it without changing the original intent.

The web needs tweakers. Firms (or passionate individuals) who can take your website and, without overhauling the whole thing, make it better. Adjust the type or the pictures or the wording or the site map and make it sing."

-- Seth Godin

The answer is: The Website Tweaker is HERE! Whether it's after a seminar, at a business conference, or in a coffee shop as I work on my laptop, the ever-present question almost always the same:

It's interesting. People rarely ask me to take a look at their website if they're entirely happy. Usually, something is not right. They may not even be certain what it is, but they want to understand what it is, and get it fixed.

Sometimes, it's a 5-minute seminar about something simple. Unfortunately, more often, it's an unbelievable nightmare.

Don't trade in your webmaster, just yet. You may just need a second opinion or some guidance on usability, copy, navigation, or one of a dozen other things that you know are important, but don't have the time to fully learn and understand. With a little analysis and advice, you can direct the process of your website with the greatest of ease.

-- Andy Ebon
Website Tweaklogist

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